The explaination of Crime

1. What is “Crime”? How can we best understand it?

2. How should crime be measured and assessed? 3. Use the logic in your conceptual and operational definitions above to construct a mathematical formula for computing a county’s crime score. This will be your crime metric. It must reflect, as accurately as possible your conceptual and operational definitions. 4. Expand the excel spreadsheet to reflect the new data explaining the crime measurement using the levels of Measurement…

5. The descriptive data summary you’re building for your presentation should include the following: • appropriate measures of central tendency • appropriate measures of dispersion • visual representations of dispersion • appropriate tests for normality 6. Use Excel to compute statistics to help you with the following • generating frequency distributions • calculating descriptive statistics • examining probability distributions • testing hypotheses about one sample means • testing hypotheses about the difference between two means • conducting analysis of variance • conducting correlation • conducting regression • generating cross tabulations and calculating chi-square • generating random numbers 7. From the crime data each county has a crime score, and you must have developed a summary understanding of “crime” across the state, find a justifiable approach for splitting the counties into two sets: high-crime and low-crime. This will be the basis of the map you’ll create. You must be able to explain numerically, as well as qualitatively, what separates “high” from “low” crime counties. 8. Translate your findings to meet the needs of the justice department and other stakeholders. You’ll do this by determining how to use the data to draw inferences about potential relationships and implications.

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