Creating a unit plan for year 5 English

Prepare a 6-week unit plan for a primary years (year 5) context using the unit plan format, including some required classroom resources for teaching, learning and assessment. Your rationale should include a justification of:

• the context and

• the curriculum design and educational theories of curriculum, assessment and reporting selected from a personal, professional and Christ-centred, Bible-based worldview and

• assessment choices, strategies and tools (pre-assessment, formal and informal feedback, and summative) and rubrics for making judgements and • the inclusive practices for student developmental needs and

• the range of strategies for reporting to students/carers, and

• the purpose of keeping accurate and reliable records of student achievement Students should engage with the process of thinking about and planning one unit of work. This unit plan is to be clearly focused on one core concept or enduring understanding related to a chosen learning area/subject and must include at least one summative assessment task. The plan will cover six weeks of year 5 classroom time for the selected subject.

You are to submit a completed unit plan including:

• assessment task sheet and guide to making judgements (rubric) for this task for students • teaching and learning resources necessary to scaffold one of your phases (photos may be necessary: please be aware that to assist with uploading to Turnitin, you may need to use a photo capture system such as ‘snipping tool’ or PDF photos to reduce file sizes) • at least one resource is to be included that provides differentiated options for students (This may mean you develop two different worksheets, or the resource has layered options for students). Please label this resource in your Appendix as- Differentiated resource. This unit plan should be a demonstration of best practice in planning and assessing for learning. This unit plan should demonstrate your understanding of the various components of the plan and you should focus your attention on:

a. understanding what should be included in each section of the plan – knowledge, skills & values & the application of knowledge, skills & values (Consider: how does the Christian perspective authentically develop in your plan? This may be through questioning, the assessment task or reflective assessment);

b. appropriate scaffolding and assessment for learning;

c. the inclusion of Key Questions throughout each activity;

d. developing authentic and meaningful connections between the different sections; e. including the name and reference of relevant resources that would be used but not produced; f. the inclusion of an appendix identifying resources (including differentiated resources) that were produced to support this plan including: a letter to parents/carers to communicate the intent of the unit and assessment task; a student task sheet for the assessment/unit with a rubric or guide to making your judgement Please write this for a year 5 class, in english- use ACARA for referencing and must use the content descriptors to match everything. 

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