Sociology of Crime: CCJ 2007/CJ27 Assessment 1: Weekly Review of


In lieu of a final exam, we have chosen to include one reading each week of the trimester for you to engage with and answer weekly guided questions. We have divided this assessment into two parts, with corresponding due dates above. The reasons for this are to allow you to receive feedback on some of your responses early in the term, to incorporate feedback from Part I into your responses and work for Part II, and to try to spread your workload more equitably throughout the term. Getting Started 1. Locate the weekly review of readings question in the course content folder for each week. Related weekly readings can be found in the “readings” tab on the left of the L@G page for the course. Optional films and other media will be linked in the weekly review questions in the course content folder along with the question.

2. The Assessment is designed for you to complete the answers to the questions every week. It is STRONGLY suggested that you create a document where you answer your questions, and keep this document safe and backed up, as you will then be able to cut and paste your answers into the provided template form (found in the Assessment folder, under Assessments), which you will use to submit the assessment in weeks 5 and 13.

Assessment Instructions

1. For each part of the assessment (i.e. parts I and II), you MUST answer FOUR weekly review questions. Part I covers weeks 1-5 of the course, and Part II covers weeks 6-12 of the course.

2. In the provided template, enter your name, tutor’s name, and student number. Then cut and paste your answers to the FOUR questions you have chosen to answer. There is a word limit of 300 words (plus 10%) for each of the answers. 3. In-text citations (i.e. Wood, 2016) will count towards your word limit. However, references will not, as they are to be added at the bottom of the template under “References” for all of your four answers.

Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed on the following criteria (see the corresponding criteria sheet in the assessment folder): a. Content – how well you engage the weekly readings and other scholarly readings or materials you may choose to use to answer the weekly questions. b. Argument – how well you directly address and answer the weekly guided reading questions c. Writing – grammar, punctuation, and referencing i. Your weekly responses are not essays. They do not need an introduction or conclusion. You should be able to answer them in one longer or two shorter paragraphs. ii. That being said, your writing should still conform to university level grammar and punctuation. You should use full sentences and paragraphs, not bullet points or outlines. iii. As for referencing, you need to use APA format to reference any direct quotes or reference to research.

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