Compare, contrast and evaluate the different approaches to, and uses

“Most business managers, acting as stewards, pay particular attention to safeguarding the assets on the balance sheet. Entrepreneurs also need to invest in and safeguard assets of the business not on the balance sheet.”

You will be given particular credit for making critical reference to, and relevant use of, the tools, frameworks and resources discussed in the course. These are the Learning Objectives of the course: Learning Objectives At the end of this module you should be able to:

Understand the concept and power of social capital (at the individual level) Understand how one acquires social capital Appreciate the interrelationship between social capital, persuasion and sales Appreciate the importance of networks for the entrepreneur Appreciate the bandwidth issues the entrepreneur can experience Understand the different types of strategic network Recognise the reputational deficit of the entrepreneur Understand the role of personal branding in developing social capital Understand how to build a compelling personal brand Understand the role of archetypes in brand building Appreciate the power of storytelling as a communication tool Understand how to design your own story Understand how to structure the telling of your own story Recognise the impact of the internet & social networks on social capital Understand how to leverage the digital world for personal brand building Understand how to leverage to leverage social media for personal brand building Understand the value of social capital at the venture-level Recognise the power of networks at the venture-level Understand McClure’s funnel strategies & Ries’ Engines for Growth Appreciate the reversal of funnel strategies for early customer acquisition Understand how to attract your first 10 customers Appreciate how to conquer a fear of selling Understand the 3 levers of persuasion Understand the 6 principles of influence Recognise how you can use these to persuade your customer to buy Understand the role of pricing in positioning Understand the role of pricing in value capture Appreciate the psychology of pricing Understand digital trends in pricing 2.0

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