Compare and contrast the structure and recent performance of the UK

1) Start by explaining the structure of the UK art market and identifying the main players within the market. Outline the current performance of the UK art market. In order to have more narrow focus, analyse specific art market structure and its performance i.e. Impressionist and Modern Art within UK Art Market. Look at auction figures, read experts opinion about the prices and also the forecast for that market.

2) Then in a similar way outline the US art market structure, as well as its current performance with a focus on Impressionist and Modern Art within US Art Market.

3) In the next paragraph, compare and contrast the structures of the markets, as well as their performances: try and find the similarities in their structure and behavior as well as the differences. Explain the reasons behind the differences. The work should consist a lot of statistical data. Most of the information should to be taken from the reports written by ArtTactic and an Economic Survey prepared for The British Art Market Federation by Arts Economics.

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