Benefits of Measurement and Evaluation

 Description 1.) Becoming Strategic What does it mean to say HR must become more strategic? Should training and evaluation become more strategic? Why? 2.) Benefits of Measurement and Evaluation Which benefit of measurement and evaluation discussed in the Benefits of Measurement and Evaluation section do you feel is most important? Why? Present answers in your own words; do not use any direct quotes. If you get information from any source other than the textbook, document the source. Use the APA style for documenting sources in the body of your report and in the reference list. See (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. for information about the APA style, including examples of how to use it for in-text citations and the reference list. Check for and correct all spelling and grammar problems. Structure your response as an essay. Include a thesis sentence at the start of each paragraph and make sure the paragraph focuses on that thesis. Use complete sentences and keep your sentences simple. If your response consists of multiple paragraphs, make sure the paragraphs flow smoothly.

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